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Physical Therapy

Whether you have had a decline in your physical condition related to a chronic diagnosis, acute injury, or are awaiting a planned surgical joint procedure and would like  to accelerate your post-op recovery, we can help. We are in network with Medicare part B however our services can be billed to other insurances out of network.


LSVT "BIG" therapy is a standardized evidence based, high intensity exercise program for clients with Parkinsons disease or other neurological disorders. In order for the therapy to be highly effective clients must commit to a therapy frequency of 4 days a week for 4 weeks. It addresses improving your walking, balance and ability to perform functional tasks more efficiently

Dementia Support

Taking care of a client with cognitive impairment that progresses through various stages can be a challenge. We offer education and support to clients and their caregivers to optimize the means of which their mobility can be enhanced. This is by way of  understanding the origination of the dementia and subsequent severity stage so that we can implement specific communication methods and customization of home exercise programs that which will reduce the client's risk of further physical decline and risk for falls. 

"Thrive" Wellness 

 We realize that some clients are not consistent with doing their post therapy exercise and activity recommendations. No need to let all of your hard work in achieving your physical level decline. Should you need more support and assist after completing skilled physical therapy you can transition to our wellness program for continued 1 on 1 support. This service is private pay for a session between 45min-1hour.

Group Wellness Classes

Our mobile PT can lead either of the following wellness classes for your group. Each class is offered as an activity at senior day centers, retirement communities or fitness centers. Pricing varies depending on location and group size.

Better Balanced Bodies

During this hour long class we will perform exercises which challenge all systems (i.e Visual, vestibular and Somatosensory) that we utilize to maintain our balance. This class is offered in 2 different levels to accommodate clients who use assistive devices to ambulate (level I) and those that that do not depend on assist to ambulate (level II) . With the support and assist from a physical therapist participants are able to be challenged safely for optimal gains to be achieved.

The Empowerment Hour for PD

Multiple research studies support the benefit of intensive aerobic exercise and routine physical activity for people with Parkinson's disease. Especially for those who require physical assistance with mobility. During this hour-long aerobic focused class you will perform high intensity movements in either sitting or standing with a focus on improving your overall amplitude of movement and sustained movement effectiveness. For people with a moderate to low fitness level. 

Strength Strides

Without committing to regular strengthening exercises our muscle groups begin to lose adequate strength and power as we get older. This can impact our functional capabilities particularly in our ability to walk safely on multiple surfaces, efficiently go up and down steps and get up and down from a chair. In this hour long class participants will be instructed through a full body work out strengthening all major muscle groups. A warm up and stretching segment are included.

Group Wellness Lectures

Education regarding health topics is the key to keeping consumers informed of how therapy related services can benefit them and in what capacity. We are able to speak on various rehab related topics which maybe of interest to your group. Enquire with us on how we can be a part of empowering your community to pursue better health

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